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Sony Announces Killer HD Killzone Trilogy

Sony has already released HD collections for most of its library, but now Killzone fans have a reason to go back and play one of Sony's premiere shooter series.

The PlayStation Blog revealed the Killzone Trilogy earlier today. The first entry in the series will be given a 720p HD makeover along with full Trophy support. And entries 2 and 3 will also include their multiplayer map packs free of charge. This includes:

Killzone 2 Map Pack Bundle

  •     Steel & Titanium Map Pack
  •     Flash & Thunder Map Pack
  •     Napalm & Cordite Map Pack

Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle

  •     Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack
  •     Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack
  •     Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack

Check out the trailer and screen below. Killzone Trilogy releases on October 23 for $39.99.

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  • Sony sure is milking the HD remakes. i can't really complain, though. most are stand-up remakes.
  • That's cool. But I just want the HD version of the first game because I've already got the other 2 (and all the DLC). Hopefully it'll pop up on PSN as a standalone purchase.
  • Killzone for ever! I loved 3 and i would like to play #2
  • HD remakes have a bit of an "old" feel now. But this is def. an hell of  a deal & its a cream of the crop game. All 3 are amazing

  • So this is why Killzone never made it into the PS2 classics? I'd rather have it in HD with trophies myself.

  • still would want to have the first game in HD. that would be much cooler. Oh well, I just get this anyways.
  • I'm not a big FPS guy anymore, but for some reason, the Killzone franchise provides really satisfying gameplay for me. The gunplay is outstanding.

  • The trophy hunter in me really wants this because I have never played the first game. But since I already own 2 and 3 I will probably pass.
  • I came. Killzone doesn't get the respect it deserves sadly. One last hurrah before the next generation pops in. One step closer to KZ4. :D

  • I still have 2 and 3. I think they look good as they are. But HD never hurt anyone. I don't know that I'd drop another 40.00 down for something I've already spent 100.00 + on. It would be nice if they would distribute a pack that would do this for free to current owners, but I don't see that happening.
  • have this remote playable with vita and this is a win/win.
  • I've actually been waiting for Killzone to be a PS2 Classic since they first started releasing them, but this is much better. Though, whiners are complaining about how they get tired of hearing about them. I love that PS2 classics are being brought to a new audience, and for people who haven't played a series, like God of War, can now get the whole saga in one package and one low price.

  • The boxart for it is sick.
  • This will be a great opportunity for me to finally play the original. =D

  • I am buying this day one

  • Never played any of these. Excited for this!

  • Awesome deal. Did gameinfotmer ever announce the god of war saga. I seen it at walmart. Its has all 5 hod of wars on one blu ray.....FOR $40.00. THATS ONE HELL OF A DEAL!
  • Ever since 8 year old me played a demo for KZ1 I was always interested in Killzone, I was entranced by the sound mostly. The way the bullets would just echo through the destroyed mall was a beautiful thing to me. I'm pumped that I don't have to play it on my fuzzy old PS2 now.

  • I really just want the first one, since I have the other two.
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