Wow! I just beat it and wow. A truly great FPS that utilizes a lot of the PS4's new functions. 

One great new feature is how the game lets you know how much health you have left. Instead of a bar on the screen the game doesn't use the screen at all. On the PS4 controller there is a light that can change color. Green means you are healthy, yellow means you are taking damage, Orange means your in trouble and red means you are near death.

Apparently there is a speaker on the PS4's controller something I learned ingame as it scared the heck outta me lol Audio logs can be collected and heard through this speaker.

The enemy AI was a lot better than I was expecting, soldiers will work together as a team and try to outflank you. They also use medics to great affect against you.

A first for Killzone this game has stealth in abundance as you are a behind enemy lines Shadow Martial. You are not a lone wolf how ever as you have a drone that will preform certain tasks for you and something else that I wont spoil for you. The Drones different abilities are controlled via the PS4 controllers touchpad that works a lot better that the Thief Game version.

Graphically it blows most games I've seen out of the water, truly beautiful.

The game has a lot of collectibles and even a free comic if you can find the pages ingame.

The story is good, it will have you questioning both sides of the conflict and has a surprise ending you wont see coming, let me just say that you can't trust the credits!

There is a lot of good stuff to enjoy in this game and really is a great first step into the true new generation.