I have gone back and played every game in the Killzone franchise while I have been waiting in anticipation for the PS4 to come out. Each game had its pros and cons but I found myself enjoying them and the story very much. I got my PS4 at the midnight launch last night and have put about 7 hours into this title. While the world is amazing, the story is very good, and the game is fun; I find the problem is the controls. For a shooter, the game doesn’t play as fluidly as I would like. I am used to first person shooters like Borderlands, Battlefield, and Call of Duty, and though this one is very different in many ways it is still a first person shooter and it comes up a little short on that front. 


The Game isn’t all bad, it has a lot of great parts so far but the biggest issues I have seen are with the controls. Zooming in with your gone can be a little glitchy, you will find yourself wanting to use your OWL and not being able to, and finally the radar mechanics don’t always work as well as they could.


I do enjoy the game.  I don’t want you to think I dont. So far in my first play through, I find myself just staring at the cut scenes and wondering how they did some of the amazing stuff they have done. Overall it is a very enjoyable game and it is slowly growing on me.



                So if you are mostly a first person shooter fan, look at these other titles (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts). If you are more into single player campaign, I would give this game a chance. I own all of these games and have given them each some play time but I just wanted to give some info for those of you looking to pick up a game for your next gen console. Hope it helps and game on!!!