Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the best looking new games for the PlayStation 4, but if you've been playing this shooter since it's launch last November, you're probably ready for some new maps.

Guerrilla games first pair of downloadable multiplayer maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall are called The Cruiser and The Hangar.

The Cruiser is a close-to-mid-range map revolving around a decommissioned ISA cruiser. Players will have to carefully identifying its choke points before mastering these claustrophobic corridors.

As the name suggests, the action of the The Hangar takes place inside a hangar bay of one of Helghan’s mining spires. This sniper friendly map gives players a lot of long sight lines and multiple paths to get to a destination.

The maps will soon be released to the community free of charge, and will be fully compatible with Killzone Shadow Fall’s custom warzone feature. Guerrilla is also working on a larger expansion, and should have details on that shortly.

[Source: Official Killzone Site]