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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Get Ready For The Launch Of Killzone: Shadow Fall With New Trailer

Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall keeps looking better and better, and should be one of the highlights of the early PlayStation 4 lineup.

Watch this new launch trailer for the game to further pique your interest.

  • This game looks to be pretty good. I still need to get in gear and play the other ones, (yes, I'm real late to the party)
  • Just got it with buy two get one on amazon. Can't wait!!

  • That was a fairly well made trailer. It looks movie worthy.

  • I already have the game on my shelf, Can't hardly wait for Friday to come around, it's going to be an awesome weekend!!! :D

  • Looking like a very solid launch game!

  • Can't wait until Thursday night.  This will be my first launch title.  It took me a while to decide between this and Battlefield, but the campaign was the big deciding factor.  It seems like Guerilla put a lot more effort into its campaign than Dice did with BF4.

  • dang, cant go through with amazon's B2G1free. dang. leaving small details aside....can't wait to get this game on the launch date!
  • I bought this along with 2K14 to celebrate the PS4 launch. Best console launch ever for me.

  • Well, other than the graphics I can't really find a reason to be excited about this title.
  • I've never been able to get into the franchise after experiencing the clunkiness of the combat in Killzone 2.
  • I didn't preorder this so I hope it isn't sold out when I go to pickup my PS4 on Thursday midnight. Amazon had it listed as out of stock.
  • I can't get a PS4 :( Really wanna play this though...
  • Wow that was a damn good trailer. I just hope the game is that good. It sure looks very next geny.

  • Been looking at this game on my shelf for 2 days now!! C'MON Thursday Night!!!

  • It hurts my soul that this game is sitting on my shelf not even opened, come on Thursday midnight sale!!!!!!
  • so much awesome

  • I'm still waiting to see if this game is as good as it looks, but man everything I have seen so far looks fantastic!

  • And that's the only "worthy" day 1 game..... *sigh*
  • It looks so gorgeous. Only a few more days until I can dive into it.

  • I just love the Xbox One giveaway commercial before the PS4 exclusive game trailer lol

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