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Killzone: Shadow Fall

New Multiplayer Trailer And Season Pass

Sony's PlayStation 4 launch shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall, has a brand new trailer showing off the title's multiplayer. Additionally, we now know what will be coming after launch by way of DLC thanks to a season pass announcement.

The season pass will be sold for $19.99 and offer $45 worth of content. It will include six add-on packs, including an online co-op mode, three online co-op map packs, and two yet to be detailed online multiplayer packs.

Those that pre-order the season pass will also come with two cosmetic bonuses: an OWL drone skin and a "multiplayer spotlight move," which sounds like a victory dance.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 15. You can check out our multiplayer impressions and watch a video interview with the director for more information.

[Source: Guerrilla Games]

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  • ...What? They said over and over again any "map packs" or ANYTHING added to killzone shadowfall would be 100% free. GI reported it as well as other sites 4+ times..... I just dont understand?
  • Lets see...

    - Only 3 base classes.

    - no varieties of weapons as usual (the sames ones reskinned to look prettier)

    - Stuttering framrate when too many players on screen.

    - Heavy bloom usage.

    I am just going to say it. If you insist on creating a shooter to show off the power of a next gen console at least *** add some more meat into it rather making it look just pretty. Sp is generally garbage tutorial and the ranking systems of the past games have been shallow. I really hope there is more than just reskinned old guns in this game. Cause as much as I like this game I don't think it worthy of a PS4 tech demo.

  • looks like that shotgun's gonna be the next remington