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Killzone: Shadow Fall

New Multiplayer Trailer And Season Pass

Sony's PlayStation 4 launch shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall, has a brand new trailer showing off the title's multiplayer. Additionally, we now know what will be coming after launch by way of DLC thanks to a season pass announcement.

The season pass will be sold for $19.99 and offer $45 worth of content. It will include six add-on packs, including an online co-op mode, three online co-op map packs, and two yet to be detailed online multiplayer packs.

Those that pre-order the season pass will also come with two cosmetic bonuses: an OWL drone skin and a "multiplayer spotlight move," which sounds like a victory dance.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 15. You can check out our multiplayer impressions and watch a video interview with the director for more information.

[Source: Guerrilla Games]

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  • Rocket launching noob tube is the best thing ever.

  • I so want to buy this game, but I can only get one FPS. BF4 seems like the better choice between the two. If only I had more time and money lol. KZ looks VERY solid. I would pick this up over COD for sure.
  • Sadly, I think we're getting to the point where gameplay videos don't do a game justice. The lighting looks great in this video, but the textures look pretty muddy. Hopefully, video services will improve that will allow games like this to be shown in their full glory.
  • potato
  • I've loved that kill chirp since Killzone 2, especially since it extends when you get a headshot. It's right up there with the sound of a crit when getting a headshot in TF2, for me.

    However, I don't like knowing about DLC before the game has even come out. I would rather hear about the game, or nothing at all. That said, the value for the pass seems pretty good.
  • That does look very beautiful.
  • As long as the gameplay is still at least similarly slower paced like the previous installments, I'm happy. Oh, and screw noob tubes.

  • I thought this one was the vita seems that the frame rate is lacking...
  • Hey, those butts said that all the DLC for Shadow Fall would be free of charge!
  • Haha A Victory Dance That *** Will Be Beast

  • No offence, but if I am going to get a shooter next get is going to be Battlefield 4.
  • For those wondering about the DLC being supposedly free, there are two types of DLC Guerrilla is offering. The free DLC includes all DLC multiplayer map packs, while the paid DLC includes upgrade kits, customization kits, etc.

  • Very excited for this game. I love the Killzone games. Fast paced fun...but not too fast. It's just right IMO.

    EDIT: *Reads other comments on this article.*

    People really like to matter what. Does every FPS have to be like COD/BF, to be accepted by the gamers of this generation? If so, that's sad.
  • That DAMN chime is back lol.
  • 45 dollars of content eh? We'll see about that.

  • wub wub wub, explosions. but it does have awesome graphics. but then again the combat style looks much slower and rustic
  • killzone Cool weapon wow

  • Dat game play looks slower than two turles fvcking.

  • So is the online coop for the campaign or is it just something extra like a survival mode?

  • As slow and bland as Crysis multiplayer...

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