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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games Is Using Its Characters' Designs To Help Tell A Story

We know that Guerrilla Games secured exceptional voice talent for two of Killzone: Shadow Fall’s main characters. Now we’ve learned more about the design philosophy behind them.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Dan Calvert, assistant art director at Guerilla Games, discussed the characters’ physical designs, their motivations, and why these decisions should matter to the player.

Echo, for example, is an elite Helghast operative, and she dresses like one. Her armor looks like it should be worn on the battlefield, not in the bedroom. 

“The central pillar behind our costume design is functionality and practicality,” Calvert said. “Echo’s costume is mostly built from the same combat gear used by our most elite enemies – whilst she is an elite, she is still a professional soldier in the Helghast army and gets few special privileges.” 

The actors’ likenesses are used for the character models, but some tweaking is required to further emphasize a character’s traits. For example, David Harewood, who lends his face and voice to Sinclair, leader of the Vektan Security Agency, will see his face digitally aged to better show a man weary from a lifetime of difficulties.

“We don’t want to spend time on lengthy exposition, so we wanted to make sure that when you first see a character you understand exactly who they are, their relation to you, their personality and history and so on,” Calvert said.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a PlayStation 4 launch title. You can expect to play it at the end of this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

  • ooohhh elite soldier designed with functionality in mind, give gun, give armor SUPER INNOVATIVE

  • I wish they'd give it a rest with the killzone stick. Hell, change the name add a constant co-op team al-la g.o.w and a robot dog real weather cycles and terminator apocalyptic atmosphere and I'd buy it.
  • Lets='s hope the singleplayer isn't *** like KZ3. The most fun I had was killing Helghast with that gun that shoots green stuff(forget the name)

  • interesting, for the first time, unfortunately, because I haven't played killzone before and I feel its too late to drop in.

  • Love the more colorful killzone look

  • Love the more colorful killzone look