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Killzone: Shadow Fall

A Force Of One

We've been seeing the same Killzone: Shadow Fall footage since the PS4's unveiling, so it's refreshing to see some new gameplay elements in this new trailer for the game.

Here you can see a handy little helper you'll have by your side in the game that sets up shields for you, provides recon, and can take out enemies remotely. We've no doubt this is only the tip of the iceberg as well.

We should have more on the game later in E3.

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  • so purty

  • Beautiful. Just got back from preordering this, Watch Dogs, and BF4. And that bad boy PS4 of course. Can't wait till launch day! :)
  • super colorful, love the new vibe
  • I have pre-ordered this(along with ps4 obviously) and I couldn't be more excited.  

  • I'm a fan of Killzone, so this will probably be my first purchase with PS4... Especially since Drive Club comes free with PS plus :)
  • I want one of those little drones!....so getting this game.

  • Killzone has always been the best FPS in my opinion, it's only downfall from taking that title is the controls are awful and laggy. That issue runs throughout many PS3 games, I'm sure all will be perfect on next-gen.....It better be.
  • This game is looking awesome.

  • I like the Far Cry 3-esque direction this title is going. It's nice to see some color in a shooter.

  • I really don't think it looks that fantastic, when he's sliding down the rope, the trees look like crap, and there is pop up!  The textures aren't that great either....i dunno

  • Bring on more Sci-Fi games, I love them!

  • Looks great!!

  • Looks so beautiful, as all Killzone games do.

  • i want this at launch

  • Do i have to play the previous ones to understand this one or are they not related.
  • The art direction is fantastic.

  • couldve been a bit more extensive, but overall it looked great. ps4 exclusives are just killing it

  • Killzone has never been a world class shooter, unfortunately. It's certainly done a better job of trying than Resistance did though. But beyond the second game's debut, the series hasn't really pulled attention from other heavyweight FPS. And with Destiny coming to PS4 and featuring so heavily in Sony's conference, and games like Titanfall representing for the next gen too, Killzone - once again - just doesn't look too special.

    I dunno. I don't hate Killzone - don't love it either. It's just sort of there. I know I won't give two ****s about this because I'll be too busy playing Destiny, Blacklight Retribution and Planetside 2 on PS4 instead though.