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Killzone: Mercenary

Developer Diary Shows Plenty Of Gameplay

The latest developer diary for the upcoming Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary shows off lots of gameplay, and details a bit of the story.

Killzone: Mercenary is set for release on September 17.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Disclosure: my only hands-on experience with Killzone was the original; that said, Guerrilla deserves kudos for the work they've put into the series to date.  It should be interesting to see just how this upcoming entry helps flesh some things out - given that you have the option of taking contracts from the Helghast, it's perhaps the best opportunity yet to get some idea of their perspective on things.

  • I'm pretty excited for this. I think they should move this either a week before, or a few weeks after GTA V.

  • I really hope this game is good. Cod was a disappointment for vita.

  • This looks to be the only game that has real support for vita

  • Did I just watch a guy get stabbed in the crotch?
  • Lookin' good. Like a traditional KZ game.

    *Please don't suck.*

  • Already looks way better than that COD crap for the Vita!

  • I want to melee people in the balls.

  • lets see if it does any better than vitas black ops ha

  • lets see if it does any better than vitas black ops ha