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Killzone: Mercenary

Developer Diary Shows Plenty Of Gameplay

The latest developer diary for the upcoming Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary shows off lots of gameplay, and details a bit of the story.

Killzone: Mercenary is set for release on September 17.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Ooohhh... same day as GTA 5... sorry but I don't think I'll be playing anything else that month.
  • Looks decent, but I don't think the Vita works very well with shooters. I'm looking forward to Tearaway, but that's pretty much it.
  • I can't wait to try out a really good shooter for the Vita and KZ looks like awesome sauce!

  • Sweet.

  • i wish this would have taken place right before killzone 3 and then moved on to explaining what is going on in killzone shadowfall (ps4)... that would be really good! and this will the only shooter game i own on the vita.
  • Can't wait for this!

  • Looks great, but i'm still approaching this game with cautious optimism. Shooters haven't fared well on the Vita thus far(thanks to Nihilistic), but unlike Nihilistic, Guerrilla Games has been very open about the development cycle. The Vita needs this game to be a success.
  • Wow.. this looks.. horrible. From that video, the graphics look pretty bad, and which number Killzone is this, now? 5? I mean, I got bored of the Killzone universe before even beating the 2nd game, although K4 does look better visually, mostly due to the pallet change away orange and black. I can't imagine there's much of a fanbase for Killzone anyways, but this looks like a train wreck from what I saw.
  • It looks good. I'd like to have a great FPS for my Vita. Unfortunately I will be too focused on GTA V to even remember this game.

  • Ooh, pretty explosions. . . :)
  • Looks okay, its a shame I don't have a vita
  • Okay, this actually looks -really- promising. I think the only real concerns at this point will be AI, balancing, and content.

  • JEEZ! that guy just got stabbed in the balls!!
  • Looks great! Still want Twisted Metal on the Vita!
  •        . . . . .... . . . . .

  • I look forward to killing some Vektan scum.
  • that looks beautiful for the vita!

  • 2:37 crotch stab!
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