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Killzone: Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary Gameplay Trailer And Release Date

We haven't heard much about the PlayStation Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary since its announcement at GamesCom back in August, but today Sony released a new trailer that shows some impressive gameplay, and lets us know when we will be able to get our hands on it.

Killzone: Mercenary is set for release on September 17, and you can check out the new trailer below.

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  • Looks like any other shooter

  • Looks like any other shooter

  • WHA!?

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - great visuals. Whatever.

    What's important is gameplay, and it sure looks like Guerilla Cambridge doesn't know how to use a touch screen. Awesome! Another Sony studio who just replaces QTE with swiping actions! *sigh*

    The thing about the touchscreen is that it's TACTILE. It lets us manipulate things in real time, at least GOOD GAMES do (at least Media Molecule's Tearaway understands this). Swiping and THEN seeing an action take place is just completely the opposite of how touch should be used. When you do something, it HAS TO BE DONE IN REAL TIME, it shouldn't play an animation after you successfully swipe. Why are developers still making this mistake!? The DS came out in 2004; smartphones have been using nothing but touchscreens for at least 3 years now. F**KING KNOW BETTER BY NOW! If you slash your finger across the screen, the knife should instantly follow your slash. Have you not played Infinity Blade? NO QTE's!

    The rest of the game looks fine. Like Killzone 2, with simpler environments. All the greys and browns you could want on your fancy Vita! Killzone 2 was never that hot though (it just looked great, which is usually enough to fool stupid gamers into buying it and proclaiming the best thing ever. Until the next "best looking game", at any rate), so I bet this won't turn the Vita's fortunes around anyway. Still, this is sort of what the system needs, right? "Console quality" experiences, and handheld exclusives? It just begs the question though, who is the Vita for? It's much too powerful for the smaller Japanese devs that loved the PSP hardware because they're used to making PS2 games and never learned how to make an HD game, but it's NOT powerful enough to court the western developers who SHOULD be bringing every one of their games to PC, PS3, Xbox 360 AND Vita right now. If this thing had every major release of the consoles, Sony would be sitting on a successful handheld right now. "Play XCOM, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Bioshock Infinite... but on the bus! The real deal! Not some stupid sidegame, developed on the cheap, by a different studio under contract, in a few months time!" - that's what they were going for, right? Why isn't the Vita doing that?
  • Looks pretty good, and it's nice to see that Killzone is still getting some love. The series is one of the more underrated PS3 users. But come on, Guerilla, WHERE THE HELL IS KILLZONE 4?! Maybe they'll work on it after this game is released.