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  • Blog Post: Could have been better!

    Well campaign was beast but it started to fall short after those "where do I go now" moment's. But I would give it a solid ten, multiplayer it's was good but customization was very small. The up close and personal melee's took the cake basically because it was so cool, I meen who...
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3: A Great FPS

    The game has some of the best fast-paced action I've seen in a very long time; both in campaign and in multiplayer. The story for single-player is good and thought out, which can be hard to find in an FPS. But the multiplayer is the main attraction. It takes real skill to be battle against other...
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3: Could have been better

    CAMPAIGN Campaign is fun, I love the environmental variety (Snowy fortresses, weird jungles, destroyed cities, space, etc), the vehicle warfare kicks ass, the cover system rock, and as always: the weapons feel amazing. It never gets boring and its full of constant action. Its cinematic as well because...
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