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Killzone 3 Blog Guidelines
  • Rising From The Ashes With Pride

    Killzone 3. With a divisive sequel that abandoned core ideas while adding new ones just a few years behind it, what Killzone 3 would become is anyone's guess. Would it change the formula again? Would it be more modern or more old school? Or would... More
  • Killzone 3 Review- Unremarkable but fun

    The Killzone series has always been at the top of Sony’s most shown games, having been the poster boy for Playstation 3 graphics as well as being touted as a “Halo killer” back in the days when that term was still used. Despite all the... More
  • A fantastic Shooter returns

    Killzone is just one of those shooters thats a bit different in its own way with keeping that feel of 1st person shooter and this one is no exception. The controls are easy responsive to use like many other shooters so learning is no problem. The story... More
  • Review - Killzone 3 (PS3)

    Killzone 3. finished up my playthrough of the Killzone series with this title, and i have to say it reminded me of how good this game actually is. you know, apart from some flaws here and there, but no game is perfect...unless it's perfect. PRESENTATION... More
  • Killzone 3 reurns better then ever

    After playing Killzone 2, I couldn't wait until Killzone 3. Then, when Killzone 3 came out, it was great. Better then ever, Killzone 3 gives you an intese fun experience. Graphics are great. Better then killzone 2's, and sometimes, some of the... More
  • Killzone 3 Review (Move controls included)

    Overall Review Killzone 3 is an awesome game. Straight out, if you are looking for a Gears of War substitute for the PlayStation 3, I highly recommend you get it. Starting off right after Killzone 2, you are pitted once again to face the Helghast menace... More
  • Despite a Mediocre Story, KZ3 Is a Visually Spectacular Game That's a Blast To Play.

    Killzone 2, boasting unbelievable graphics, a new robust multiplayer, and an ultimate FPS experience, proved itself quite worthy of these claims when it was released in 2009. With a metacritic score of 91, it's safe to say that many agreed that the... More
  • Killzone 3 Review

    A beautiful game that falls just short of greatness I'm going to make this short and sweet. Killzone 3 is great, maybe even fantastic, but it falls just shy of greatness. I'll compress this review to numbers: PRESENTATION: 7.5 GRAPHICS: 9.5 GAMEPLAY... More
  • Could have been better!

    Well campaign was beast but it started to fall short after those "where do I go now" moment's. But I would give it a solid ten, multiplayer it's was good but customization was very small. The up close and personal melee's took the... More
  • It have what it takes

    That game is awesome I just play it a little but what i play it shows it got what it takes to have a rating like this. What i like most the when you kill other one breaking his neck. More
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go.

    Killzone 3 is an amazing technical landmark for the PS3. In terms of graphical detail and fidelity, there are few games that come within reach of comparison to what is presented in Guerilla's newest iteration on the war between the ISA and the Helghast... More
  • almost perfect

    Killzone 3 picks up where 2 left off.... sorta. The narrative is a little cofusing and the main campaign has it's flaws, but thankfully most of the bugs in the campaign where addressed in the first patch. The team at Guerilla Games adressed the main... More
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