Killzone 3. finished up my playthrough of the Killzone series with this title, and i have to say it reminded me of how good this game actually is. you know, apart from some flaws here and there, but no game is perfect...unless it's perfect.


Killzone 3 actually steps away from the familiar grey-tone that was present in the first 2 games. in fact, some levels will actually have some very bright colors. it's not necessarily in Killzones typical art style, but it's very appealing to the eye. especially a certain forest level. that one looks awesome. Almost looks ripped right out from Avatar with the crazy colored plants and whatnot.

Speaking of Jungle, one thing Killzone has always been good with in this area is the variety of locations. Though you're still on Helghan, there are still parts you explore that you wouldn't of imagined from the first game. it's always nice to experience different locations and their various appearances. 

Voice acting is pretty good, and the use of crueler language has been died down to an appropriate level (Killzone 2 had people cussing from left to right for no apparent reason). it's not that i mind the cussing (i really don't) but i'm glad people aren't just going on for no real reason.

You'll barely notice the soundtrack outside of the menus, but they do have some playing during gameplay to set the mood.

all and all for presentation, this game is beautiful.


Story picks up exactly where Killzone 2 left off. well, in a sense. so people new to the Killzone series, expect to feel slightly left out. Killzone 3 brings about a kind of "final stand" mood to it, which is great should this be the final game in the series (as i believe it is). the story is interesting enough, but it really picks up around the last 2 levels. then it gets really intense, only to end just as fast as it started.

i'm not saying the story leading up to the end isn't good, just that end bit is quite good. the rest of it fairs out. it's almost depressing actually, cause it seems bad thing after bad thing happens.

unfortunately, the ending does leave a lot of questions and loose ends, and i've heard nothing of a Killzone 4 (Though i don't mind at all), so i'm not sure what the ending necessarily means...

The story does have some flaws. it seems like most military based games have a certain mood to it to where they try to make everything military look bad ass (for example look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign). i'm not a big fan of this, and it almost makes it feel like i'm playing a odd, spin off of call of duty. these portions are especially present during almost all the vehicle missions.

There are also some really cheesy moments. like when the main character will give off quite a cheesy speech, then everyone yells "yeah!" and throws their fist in the air when he's done. and get this: there's even an explosion that goes off in the background when he's done. just a bit too much for me, but most people won't recognize this stuff.

i like the story of Killzone 3 quite a lot. much better than in Killzone 2, and rivals with that of the original Killzone.

one thing i remembered: one of the main characters, Natko, from KZ2 simply disappeared. like he was towards the end of the game in KZ2, yet in KZ3, there's not even a single mention of him. it was just kind of weird, so i'm assuming he must have died?


Much the same from that of Killzone 2 (you're common shooter), but it has made some changes, all of which for the better.

let me just jump out with the most obvious one: weapon options. if we think back to Killzone 2, we were allowed to carry one weapon of our choosing, and then we had the same sidearm (that we couldn't ever swap out). this basically limited you to 1 weapon at a time. now you can have different weapons of your choosing. 

much like how it was in Killzone, but in KZ3, they're divided into categories. you can carry your primary weapon, a sidearm, and a heavy weapon. and you can  choose between each. Primaries include rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns. the sidearm though still limited in options, you can now choose. and heavy weapons consist of machine guns, RPG's, and Helghans more unique weaponry. this allows for a ton more freedom and ultimately more fun.

The Vehicle missions are another good fix. in KZ2 you rarely ever hoped in the seat of a tank, and when you did, not for long. now there are plenty more fun vehicle missions, though most your not in control of movement, but instead on "rails". that's a tiny let down, but these segments are some of the coolest.

The cover systems back and works just as well, and everything good from KZ2 is back. everything plays great, and all is enjoyable.

one more thing! you can now play using the move, or better yet the Sharpshooter for the move. i haven't had the chance to try as i don't own the move, but it sure looks cool.


yet again, some significant changes made here, all for a better experience. and here there's a lot to cover. The first of which is a matchmaking system. instead of having to find a match to join yourself (like in most comp. games) like in KZ2, now they simply put you in a match when you pick a match type. this is much better.

another thing, and probably the most significant, is the leveling process. as before when you would just level and as your level increased, you'd unlock more weapons (but you only had 2 options to start with), this one has a series of classes to choose from. each class has it's own weapons list and perks, and as you level up you get unlock points to unlock weapons or perks from the class, or classes of your choosing. this works incredibly better as you can choose what type of character you want to be, unlock the stuff at your own choosing and pace, and automatically giving you a larger selection right off the bat.

another huge change is the inclusion of showing gained XP across the screen. In KZ2, you got XP for kills, and completing objectives. however, it wasn't untill the end of the match that you actually new how much XP you earned. the only signal was that it you made a kill, an odd "beepboop" noise would ring off. Now, when ever you make a kill or complete an objective, you're it'll flash the ammount of XP points you just earned across the screen (think of how it's like in Call of Duty)

as i mentioned in KZ2's review, the Killzone multiplayer has this mode called Warzone. in this mode, you have pretty much all the different match types thrown into one, and a team victor is decided on who won the most. It makes for longer matches, but the fun spikes up high. for more fuller details on the multiplayer, check out the multiplayer section of my KZ2 Review (

The new maps are great, and the multiplayer experience is one of the best out there. check it out. and for those who don't know, the KZ3 Multiplayer is sold separately on PSN for FREE. so now there's no reason not to check it out! there is a level cap, but when you reach it you can pay $15 to unlock the full skill tree. but keep in mind that the campaign mode is not included in this.


Killzone 3 is definitely worth its buck. especially since you can now access the multiplayer for free. I suggest this game to all shooter fans who've played Killzone 2, and if you haven't, still get the multiplayer on PSN. even if you didn't play KZ2, you can still enjoy the game, but the story will be lost to you. get this game.