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Killzone 3 reurns better then ever

After playing Killzone 2, I couldn't wait until Killzone 3. Then, when Killzone 3 came out, it was great. Better then ever, Killzone 3 gives you an intese fun experience.

Graphics are great. Better then killzone 2's, and sometimes, some of the best ever. Story allright. So is the campaign. It's about 5-8 hours. Score is also pretty good. Multiplayer is really good. Better then last time, and it's really fun.

Overall Killzone 3 is great. Totally recommended. It's really fun. I would give Killzone 3 a

9.25 out of 10

  • Jordolo short review

    Graphics are really good. Score was good. Gameplay is a blast. Really fun. Story was good. Multiplayer is really, really good. So much fun. Overall, I would give it a

    9.5 out of 10