Overall Review


Killzone 3 is an awesome game. Straight out, if you are looking for a Gears of War substitute for the PlayStation 3, I highly recommend you get it. Starting off right after Killzone 2, you are pitted once again to face the Helghast menace on the planet Helghan. Out of all the exclusive sci-fi shooter games I have played on the PlayStation 3, this one still ranks as number one for me. The plot is where your regiment is going to retreat from the planet but instead, the evacuation fleet is practically destroyed and all remaining forces are trying to survive until help arrives. Along the way, you do many things to hinder the Helghast's plot to obliterate the remaining ISA forces and finally able to evacuate the planet, leaving Stahl's cruiser crashing far into the planet. 


Visuals and Plot

The visual scenes depicted in this game are amazing, beyond that of other games. The whole plot paired with these depicting scenes sets up this game as to why it gets a 9. From awesome sniper scenes where you desperately try to protect ISA forces, to conquering a mobile factory, killing brutes, launching rockets at the giant MaWLR, and finally the scene of crashing Stahl's cruiser back into Helghan makes for a great ending. We than have the great environments which set the game to the setting it is trying to set. Most of the environments as well do not seem like a copy and paste job but rather, creation of every detail and every line of code is as unique compared every other of it's kind. For that, I really could not ask for any more visuals and plot points than from Killzone 3. In all, it was like playing that one movie I never got to watch.



The sound in the game is great, but isn't going to wow you. Sound is one of those things we take for granted, always thinking how can somebody mess up on music and sound effects. So when sound is terrible, we notice. When it is great, we might take note. As to that, the music that plays along in some scenes is noteworthy but doesn't have that 'WOW!' factor that other games like Battlefield or Call of Duty may have.As for sound effects, that falls into the same category of the music. Something pretty standard in our expectations.




The multiplayer of this game is great. Some of best I have yet to experience. Ultimately, best part of multiplayer for me is Operations, as the top players of the match on each team are starring in scenes after certain checkpoints. On to the gameplay, it is great and is what you should expect. The special classes and things that each offers should keep you on your toes when on the field of battle. Whether you have an infiltrator disguised as double agent, some sniper in his cloaking suit, medics faking death, or even tacticians marking your enemies, just remember to expect the unexpected.




As with any shooter, you got your normal layout for shooting, reloading, and moving around. In my opinion, if you are confined and used to positioning your hands in that setting, keep the Dualshock 3 as your preference. Though, Killzone 3 brings one thing to the table that other shooter games don't, compatibility with the PlayStation Move. Now, it does sound nice at first, but in reality, it is a steep learning curve. Even now, I am still only a noob with the Sharpshooter peripheral. While it is precise, it is also frustrating at times when it doesn't recognize motions. Sometimes when I want to reload (there is a dedicated button but there are times where popping the controller over your shoulder is better), I instead do a brutal melee attack which can prove fatal. In all, the motion controls are great, that is, if you can master them. For me, I can't really get over the fact that the controls aren't always precise and even when still, the crosshairs end up shaking.



Overall, I do hope you enjoy my review and find yourself playing this game one day.