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Game With Inspirations From Desert Strike Hits Kickstarter

Former Sony Computer Entertainment London and Criterion employees Richard Bunn and David Green launched a Kickstarter campaign today. Their new military-action game Killstorm is putting gamers in the pilot seat of an attack helicopter.

Killstorm is heavily inspired by retro games like Desert Strike, according to Nice Touch Games. While it features a retro-styled gameplay and camera angle, it still uses modern controls and visuals. Nice Touch Games also says that players can fly around and out-maneuver enemies using one finger.

Current plans are to bring Killstorm to PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. But, the game could come to other platforms if the community shows enough interest, according to the Kickstarter page. 

Backers who pledge at least £5 (roughly $8.32) will get a digital copy of Killstorm, which is less than what Happy Touch Games projects the final price to be. Nice Touch Games is seeking £10,000 on Kickstarter before April 28. 

Those seeking more info can check out the Kickstarter page, or play the demo of Killstorm.

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  • That would be cool. There's not enough games like that.

  • If it was from a first-person perspective I wouldn't have been interested because I always end up crashing aircraft. But this looks pretty awesome.

  • a next gen desert strike I'm down when its coming out? i will buy it on steam for sure.

  • Desert Strike, man that one brings back some old memories. The opening cinematic, if it could be called that, featured a guy getting lowered into a vat of acid...on the Genesis, anyway. The Super NES version just had the guy in a cage, if I remember right.

  • Just threw some support these guys' way. I'm not too sure they'll make their mark by April 28, but here's hoping. Desert Strike was one of my favorite games on SNES, and from the looks of the demo, this game looks like it would an awesome carnage filled game that would excel on a mobile platform, though I wouldn't mind a console release.

  • Thanks for the support here is hoping we make our target

  • I would've been slightly more excited a year or more ago, before several other similar helicopter action games were released, but it still looks good.

    It does kinda need campaign co-op for me to get really excited though.

  • I would play this. Love helicopters.

  • While Desert Strike was great game on the Sega Genesis,along with it's 2 sequels, if someones going to mine classic Genesis era games when are we going to see a new "Road Rash"?
  • I want a game like the old game Thunder Strike. God, I loved that game.

  • Oh my god! That was my childhood! (Along with Hertzog Zwei with also has it's reboot; see: Airmech) I have a mighty need for this!
  • KILLSTORM is now on Steam

  • Yea I'm down with that myself!!!