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Killer is Dead

The Latest Trailer Goes Walking On The Moon

Suda 51's games (Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, etc.) have always been bizarre, and Killer is Dead is no exception. The latest trailer features x-ray glasses and a trip to the moon.

Suda 51 made reference to Killer is Dead's bizarre moon setting in a recent interview saying, "You know the latest Transformers movie? Nobody has seen the dark side of the moon. There could be a house there with somebody living in it and the main character needs to kill that person, but how do you get over there? That’s how I started creating this game."

You can check out the subtitled Japanese-language trailer, as well as another English-language trailer below. You can also check out the game's first trailer, our hands-on preview, and a collection of 40 screen shots from the game.

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  • This is getting a western release right? This trailer has me hooked!
  • This may be one of my most anticipated games right now. I always enjoy how ridiculous Suda 51 games are, and how enjoyable they can be to play. All these trailers have been a joy to watch.

  • One trailer ends like an anime, the other like a movie. Looking good, here's looking at you Sudan 51

  • I... actually like the look of this game. Might buy it.

  • Straight up anime... I like it.

  • That is the single strangest crap I've ever seen in my entire life. O_O

  • Yes!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • Those glasses look like they'll come in handy!

  • odd stuff + suda 51 is right down my alley

  • A modern day gigolo with magic glass and he going for a trip on the moon? Unusual setting, but that the charm and that what keep grabbing my attention to the game. Cant wait for the review, gameplay video and demo.
  • I am really diggin this quirking little game.

  • Man I hate that art style.

  • I kinda agree with others. I wish the art style was more clean cut anime but its whatever. I'm getting this game!

  • Does anyone know if I should I play no more heroes before I get this game? (I do have a Wii already)
  • I'll take it!
  • Thanks to that quote about the Dark Side of the Moon, I know this game will be the weirdest Grasshopper title in quite some time. Lollipop Chainsaw was more dumb than weird, and Shadow of the Damned was downright normal compared to Killer 7, Flower, Sun & Rain and No More Heroes.

    It's nice that Suda is back, baby!

    This game looks stunning btw. LOVE the cel-shading. Evokes "freaky but memorable" flat shaded games like Interstate '76, but with WAY more style.

  • I wish Grasshopper would port Killer7 to Smartphones though. I'm super interested in Suda's "Assassin series" games NOW, thanks to No More Heroes, but like a lot of people I skipped Killer7 on Gamecube. It just didn't make sense with a controller to play a game like that - it fits MUCH BETTER on a touchscreen, though. I mean, automatically running through levels and just selecting forks in the path? Lightgun-like shooting? That's TOTALLY doable on the touchscreen. I wanna play it now.

  • Everything about this game looks kickass...except that one chick's English voice. Dear god, my ears...

  • Sweet. Looking epic.

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