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Killer is Dead

New Concept Art Shows Salaryman With A Sword, More

Last week, we learned that Grasshopper Manufacture was working on a new game called Killer is Dead. The title, while not a direct sequel, is said to be related to Suda51's cult favorite Killer 7. Now some concept art from the game has emerged, providing a glimpse of what kind of tone the studio is shooting for.

The images show off environments including a busy street and cocktail bar, and plenty of references to bladed weapons. Judging from past Suda51 productions, that last bit shouldn't come as any surprise.

Killer is Dead is due out in Japan in 2013 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


[Via Andriasang. Thanks for the news tip, bar!]

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  • Very nice, sweet concept art. Speeking of game game art does anyone know where I could begin buying video game artwork?
  • Would it be wrong of me to hope that this is a successor to the once glorious style of action the Ninja Gaiden series was known for?

  • that looks cool but i want actual footage

  • Alright, someone finally made a video game hero with glasses who wasn't a wimp!
    Looks great so far, like grasshopper is going back to their roots. I feel Lollipop chainsaw was cutting the line between riskue and pandering to the lowest common denominator. I'm glad they're going back to their element.
  • Mod

    What??? This looks sweet!

  • loos really weird

  • It's been done.

  • look's like Star Trek, well most of it.

  • I would like a complete rendition of "Falling Down".
  • Mod

    A lot of the shots, especially the tower...are reminiscent of Blade Runner. That alone has me even MORE excited for this game now. :D

  • Looks pretty sick!

  • Ohhh!

  • I like the one of the businessman with the sword-he looks like he means business.

  • Looks pretty cool! Has an interesting mish-mash of architecture.

  • this game looks awesome already.  and it looks like an open world game.  can't wait to see the first bits of gameplay.

  • Looks amazing, I predict this game will be Move/Kinect compatible.
  • This looks pretty awesome. Hopefully we don't have to wait until 2014 for it to come to the states.

  • this is some nice concept work.

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