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Killer Instinct

Microsoft Shows Off Glacius In Killer Instinct, Teases Chief Thunder

At EVO 2013, Microsoft showcased some gameplay from Glacius in Killer Instinct, and teases the appearance of Chief Thunder.

The Chief Thunder tease was of the "blink and you miss it" variety, with a tomahawk being thrown and embedded into a tree after a trailer of Glacius gameplay. We will make sure to update this story when the video goes online.

In the meantime, you can head here to see check out the EVO 2013 live stream.

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  • Mod
    So, Killer Instinct is a fighting game? I need to look this up. I have had not a clue what this is. I don't even know who Chief Thunder is.

    Edit: Oh my gawd that game looks amazing!
  • I wasn't really impressed with Killer Instinct as an exclusive. I've not gave much interest to fighting games since the the PS one era and before. They don't seem to evolved much since their inception.
  • Anyone else thinks Saberwolf breaths and looks like he's in heat???? All jokes aside, I'll still be checking this game out.
  • Really love me some fighting games, but I'm old school. MKII SFII and KI 64. I don't want any part of the new KI on Xbox. Sorry. Waaay too many annoying 'c-c-combo breakers' ... I don't recall the old KI to be like that
  • C-C-C-C-C-C-Couldn't get excited about what I saw.
  • This looks so *** good.
  • Did you all listen to the comments from the long haired guy in the white coat?
    He mentioned that a lot were asking about if it was going to come to Playstation 4 and he said we are working on it. Our main concern is the XBone first!

    OH YEAH!
  • I can't believe they ruined Glacius. No wait, yes I can. I didn't expect much else out of this.
  • Mod

    Looks pretty good and overall I'm decently hyped to see how the game pans out.  Wish it get some Pc or at the very least, GFWL support, maybe down the road?

  • Killer Instinct was an awesome fighting game. When I was little and would go to vegas with family I use to always play it in the arcade. Than when the SNES version I was so excited. I was in third grade and it was the first game I bought with my own money from doing chores. I loved the Killer Tracks music cd that came with it as well. Killer, killer oow she's a killer. Also the female character Orchard could do a fatality where she flashed the other character.
  • **Must pay $2.99 to unlock the "block" function
  • This is a must on the Xbox One, it looks amazing!

  • With the old school reboots trending maybe it's time for that good ol' dinosaur fighter Primal Rage to get it's turn in the limelight.
  • I recently played the SNES version again and it didn't really live up to childhood memories. A pretty *** fighter, I'd dare to say. The only thing that doesn't get old it the way the announcer screams 'c-c-c-c-c-omboooo breaker!' when you pull one off. It also had pretty cool characters, which I remember for no reason other than their design(Fullgore, Spinal, Sabrewolf to name a few) as I have never played much of the franchise.
  • I remember this game. The new one looks decent but I thought the old one kinda sucked. I'd like to see some new Fulgore action.
  • The game continues to look fun, I'll give it that. But it also continues to show off Double Helix's horrible character redesigns. Did they even redesign Glacious since E3? He honestly looked fine in the reveal trailer - now he looks terrible, like some sort of ice alien. Just unnecessary. All their changes seem really unnecessary, in terms of character redesigns. I mean, I still hate Jago's "John Cena" style makeover with tribal tats and crazy hair. I realize Rare's characters were pretty bad too - Jago wore a middrift-bearing, sliced up costume, for example - but these are bad in a completely new way and it's dumb. There are obvious ways to modernize these guys... and DH is just whiffing it. I really, really don't anticipate seeing their take on the girls, like Black Orchid and Maya. But oddly I kinda want to see everyone... like a car crash; I just can't look away. I really hope they have a ton of alternate skins and costumes. 'Cuz all the default ones so far are pretty bad. Sabrewulf looks okay though.
  • Killer Instinct For The Xbox One, Now With Just One Character. Care To Buy More?
  • It's also pay-to-win incase you all didn't know.
  • Yesterday @EVO when madcatz was up on stage to show off the new controller for KI and show off the game , the gamers booed the hell out of them and did not let them talk ... And then when the game was on and Developers are showing the game in action the room was so quiet... I was so surprised ... No love what so ever.... I guess when I do pick up the X1 maybe in a year from know I would Check this game out...
  • Saw them playing this live at EVO... Pretty awful and disappointing, especially the constant "COMBO BREAKER". I'm almost glad it's exclusive to Xbox One.
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