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  • Blog Post: Exciting gameplay and has a creative story that mixes Greek mythology and Sci Fi together nicely and is a visually striking game.

    Kid Icarus Uprising was an enjoyable experience for numerous reasons.It's story is surprisingly very good and creative and it's gameplay that mixes rail shooting and action gameplay is fun and often exciting.It's a Japanese game and is part of a series that has also appeared on the NES and... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome back Pit!

    21 years after every gamers favorite angel's last outing on an obscure game boy game, Pit has finally come out of retirement to save Skyworld from the threat of the Underworld once more, but is this new entry in an almost forgotten franchise worth it? Story: Basically, the plot to KIU is that Medusa... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Flying High With Success

    Nearly four years after his triumphant return to gaming in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kid Icarus soars his way onto the Nintendo 3DS to deliver another fun-filled adventure for another generation of handhelds. With Nintendo’s Project Sora at the helm, Kid Icarus: Uprising delivers a fun and engaging... More
  • Blog Post: Pit Soars Again

    Kid Icarus: Uprising has been a hit game ever since it was released this past spring. Headed up by Masahiro Sakurai and his team from Sora Ltd., the people behind the latest smash game Super Smash Bros. Brawl,Kid Icarus Uprising has had many high hopes from fans all over. Announced around the time the... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Uprising review: The return of Pit is a great one

    When Kid Icarus was first shown off for the 3DS in 2010, It showed me one of the great new games coming to the handheld. Finally after many years the Kid Icarus franchise was getting another sequel. Now fast forward to 2012 and Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally released. After playing the game for over... More
  • Blog Post: Join The Uprising Against The Underworld Today

    Do you like action-adventure games? Have you ever played and enjoyed a game in the Kid Icarus series? Do you want a very fun game on your Nintendo 3DS? Well, if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, Kid Icarus: Uprising might be the game for you. With tons of weapons, different ways to... More
  • Blog Post: Pits back!

  • Blog Post: Pit Soars into a Long Awaited Return

    When Kid Icarus's angelic boy wonder Pit returned to relevancy in Super Smash Bros Brawl, a new entry in the Nintendo cult classic series was widely predicted. Now that long anticipated sequel has finally arrived on the Nintendo 3DS and proves that long waits, even one two decades long, are well... More
  • Blog Post: Best 3DS game so far

    With strong titles like Super Mario 3D Land, and the re-release of the classic Ocarina of Time, Nintendo's 3DS has been struggling to really bring a "fresh" title to the handheld. So why not revive a hibernating title like Kid Icarus? The original Kid Icarus was a challenging title on the... More
  • Blog Post: Uprising Review

    I disagree with the controls "problem" from the review. It does hurt to hold the system with your non-dominant hand, but after a few hours of gameplay I found that it was much easier to hold the system and that the control scheme used makes more sense than any normal control scheme. Land battles... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus Invincible

    Of course I expected no less from GI a poor review based on an excellent game, by a guy who cant get into the information age despite working at its core. Nintendo has always innovated new ways to game, and have been successful 95% of the time. If i could get my discount at Gamestop any other way, believe... More
  • Blog Post: JordanTheGamer Generation 2.0 Reviews: Kid Icarus: Uprising.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising. The name of this game that nearly got me killed in my early days as a blogger here as Game Informer. Since I'm going to update all my previous reviews, I've decided to re-work and update this review. When Kid Icarus: Uprising, was released some time back earlier this year... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Reviving a Fallen Hero

    Despite how much I would love to start this review with the phrase "When I was your age," I... can't. Though I was alive during the 80's, I actually never owned an NES, and never heard of the game Kid Icarus until Smash Brothers Brawl was announced several years ago. Upon hearing about... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Uprunning around dodging stuff but not really rising that much

    My first review on GI! I just got the game, and saw the review, and was somewhat disappointed with the GI reviewers intense focus on the controls, which aren't even a new idea. Concept: Shoot the bad guys, while not getting shot yourself. Simple enough. Graphics: Phenomenal for a handheld, LOOKS... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Uprising: Just Shy of Perfection

    When the 3DS was announced, Kid Icarus: Uprising was one of the first games Nintendo showed off on it's new system. The gameplay reminded me of Star Fox 64 and Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (both great Nintendo games), the graphics were above and beyond anything I had seen on a handheld, and... More
  • Blog Post: Epic

    I was crazy excited about the game. It was the first game I saw on the 3ds I really wanted. I got it on launch day and popped it into the 3ds. I may agree that the controls aren't regular ,but I only got a small ache from playing hours on end. I love the story. At level ten you will have killed medusa... More
  • Blog Post: Breathtaking

    Kid Icarus: Uprising is a piece of true art. The orchestrated soundtrack is perfectly integrated into the setup of each level, making it a very immersive experience. The voice acting and script are flawless, making the game humorous but (gladly) not based entirely on comedy. In fact, this is a bit strange... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus Uprising Review

    Kid Icarus: Uprising is the newest Nintendo title to be released on the 3DS. After reading many reviews for the game, I was a bit reluctant to buy this game. Yeah they were fairly good reviews, but they weren't reviews that lived up to the hype the game has been getting for the past 2 years since... More
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