21 years after every gamers favorite angel's last outing on an obscure game boy game, Pit has finally come out of retirement to save Skyworld from the threat of the Underworld once more, but is this new entry in an almost forgotten franchise worth it?


Story: Basically, the plot to KIU is that Medusa, the main antagonist from the NES classic is back to raise some hell once more and it's up to Pit to stop her. The story unfolds almost like a mix of self awareness and saturday morning cartoons and it provides an entertaining bunch of characters and a few genuinely good twists along the way.


Gameplay: Each chapter is split into three sections, Air combat, land combat, boss battle. That's it and though it does get into repetitive territory at times, KIU remains engaging throughout due to an almost constant stream of unlocks, the risk over rewards difficulty slider that lets you customize the amount of challenge you desire, and the fact you can customize weapons to your liking.  The game also does multiplayer which I have to say is pretty solid. There's only two modes, free for all and team battles, but thats just fine with me

Criticisms: The controls which can be a little frustrating sometimes not to mention the camera which you control with your stylus can be annoying at times.

Overall: A must have for 3DS owners!