Kid Icarus: Uprising. The name of this game that nearly got me killed in my early days as a blogger here as Game Informer. Since I'm going to update all my previous reviews, I've decided to re-work and update this review. When Kid Icarus: Uprising, was released some time back earlier this year, it received massive hype as it was the first in the Kid Icarus in over 20 years. So does this game live up to the hype? Or is it going to need some help from the Power Of Flight? Well, this is why there is a review here, so I guess we'll have to find out and see how it does!

The graphics are detailed and offer a true vision of what the Nintendo 3DS has to offer. The models of the cast are quite detailed, though can get a little fuzzy, though keep in mind this is a handheld, not something like the Wii U or even the Wii. But for a portable entertainment device, it's fantastic.

The voice acting is top notch, and the voices fit the cast well. For example, Pit is the boy you would most likely choke with a frog, but you still love him anyway. Hades is my favorite, as he sounds like a bad guy but is more sarcastic and funny. The only voice that was a screech to the headphones was the voice of the guards, but thankfully there only seen for one chapter, so that's a relief at best.

Now comes the most important part of the game: controls and terms of play. Despite critics saying the controls are horrendous, the controls worked just fine for me. There could have been a better control scheme, but if it get's so bad, just switch to the add-on circle pad. Kid Icarus was one of the first games to support this add-on, and if you don't like the control options in the game, get the add-on. But otherwise, the controls workout alright.

The plot is actually quite more complex and more detailed then the simple plot the trailers show. I won't spoil anything, Hades, Lord Of The Underworld, is involved in someway, but I can't go beyond that for those of you who haven't played the game. But there is more than meets the eye in terms of the plot.

Replay value is very high. You'll be collecting weapon gems, giving you weapons via Streetpass and Spotpass. Then you have puzzle pieces to collect by doing certain tasks, such as killing a certain amount of baddies, or doing something weird or special. It offers hours, if not months on end, of entertainment.

So, in conclusion, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a great game. With very few problems holding the game back, we finally got the game we've wanted all those years. It's a shame that game won't be having a sequel, but with all our luck, it might come out sooner than we think.