Kid Icarus: Uprising is the newest Nintendo title to be released on the 3DS. After reading many reviews for the game, I was a bit reluctant to buy this game. Yeah they were fairly good reviews, but they weren't reviews that lived up to the hype the game has been getting for the past 2 years since the 3DS was announced. I bought the game anyways, because, good reviews or not, I'm one of those who has been waiting for this game since the 3DS' launch.

I bought the game on launch day, immediately put it in my 3DS, and was very nervous about the controls. Seeing how the controls used the control stick, L-button, and touch screen, I ran into a problem. As a one armed gamer (hence the name OneArmedWonder) who is missing his left hand, I didn't know how I was going to play at first. That reluctance quickly went away as I realized I was able to change the controls. I use the control stick, R-button, and face buttons and I can play the game without problems. Sure the controls aren't as great as I hoped but they are definitely manageable.

Now, in terms of gameplay, I am having a blast! I'm loving the level structure and the customization of weapons. It's a fun experience that's very reminiscent of Star Fox in the flying parts and you can definitely see the Smash Bros. creator's influence in the game.

The Music is also phenomenal. I sometimes find myself getting distracted by the awesome score when fighting bosses and flying through levels. It's very catchy and makes the game that much more epic.

The story in Kid Icarus is pretty good. It's not perfect but  the characters and dialogue definitely make it enjoyable. I love all the references to the original games, Smash Bros. (or in Palutena's case, "Super Bash Sisters") and other Nintendo staples (like having Metroids as an underworld enemy) and the dialogue keeps me laughing and not wincing at poor jokes like thought it would be. 

Now for the Multiplayer. I have only played Light vs Dark so far and I am having fun. It's an all out team death match that get's hectic when your team's Pit is revealed. I've been Pit a few times myself and have made the mistake of charging into battle when I should have been on the defensive. Overall though it's a fun experience and I never experience any lags or rage quitters as the game runs smooth and there really is no way to cheat (as of yet).

Overall I give this game an 8.5, which I feel is extremely fair. The game is awesome and always make me want to keep playing my 3DS until the batteries die. The story isn't strong but the enjoyable characters and dialogue keep you intrigued all throughout. The only real issue is the controls. They are somewhat wonky and definitely needed to be thought through a bit more (though even with my missing left hand, I still play as a beast :P)

I definitely recommend this game as a "Must-Have" for 3DS owners, especially those who are fans of Nintendo's original series of games.