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  • Blog Post: Kid Icarus: Uprising Review: Poor Controls Ground Pit's Ambitious Return

    I’ve long thought that one of the biggest gaming mysteries is why Nintendo chose to abandon Kid Icarus. After debuting on the NES more than two decades ago (and its Game Boy sequel), he was essentially tossed on the same pile as Urban Champion and Wrecking Crew. That decision always baffled me... More
  • Blog Post: Find Out About The Story Of Kid Icarus: Uprising

    In the latest trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising, we get to hear some English dialogue, and get some details about the plot of the game. The trailer also neatly ties the new Kid Icarus game to the original Nintendo title. Kid Icarus: Uprising is releasing for the 3DS on March 23. Thanks to Apricot for... More
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