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  • Blog Post: Squad Developer Explains 0.25 Update Changes

    Developer Squad is launching update 0.25 for the Kerbal Space Program. The game, which is essentially a nitty gritty NASA simulator starring little green people, is receiving enhancements to space plane customization and destructible buildings, along with the new administration building. The video walkthrough... More
  • Blog Post: Kerbal Space Program .22 Update Introduces Campaign Mode

    Kerbal Space Program might be lighthearted and goofy, but it has a great deal of complexity. The space program simulation includes an overwhelming number of parts that is only growing. Put simply, it's a bit intimidating for newcomers. The new campaign mode hopes to smooth the learning curve a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Next Update To Introduce Research & Development

    Last week at PAX, we had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Kerbal Space Program about the genesis of the fascinating simulation . During the conversation, we learned a little bit about what's coming in the next update. Today, the team at Squad has released a preview video. The .22 update... More
  • Blog Post: The Story Of A Developer, A Generous Employer, And Little Green Men

    Tucked away in a quiet nook at PAX last night (if you believe such a thing to exist), I had the pleasure of meeting with the minds behind the quirky Kerbal Space Program. When I settled in to speak with lead developer Felipe Falanghe and Chad Jenkins, another developer on the project, I didn't quite... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How To Build Rockets With The Kerbal Space Program

    The Kerbal Space Program is an indie sandbox game from Squad. The game drops players into a spaceport, gives them a box of high-tech Legos, and ask them to build a rocket to the stars. Failing is almost as fun as succeeding. Squad just announced that Kerbal Space Program will soon receive the first of... More
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