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  • Blog Post: It’s Not Easy Being Green

    A look of playful wonder is in your little Kerbal’s eyes as you count down to the launch of your new spaceship. Does this look of awe change as the struts on your scaffolding break under the weight of 20 perilously placed fuel tanks and your half-cocked creation falls on the launch pad? Does it... More
  • Blog Post: Squad Developer Explains 0.25 Update Changes

    Developer Squad is launching update 0.25 for the Kerbal Space Program. The game, which is essentially a nitty gritty NASA simulator starring little green people, is receiving enhancements to space plane customization and destructible buildings, along with the new administration building. The video walkthrough... More
  • Blog Post: Upcoming KerbalKon Celebrates The Third Anniversary Of Kerbal Space Program

    KerbalKon, an upcoming event that will be streamed online to celebrate the game's third birthday, will offer a first look at update version 0.23. The stream begins tomorrow and goes through December 13, and you can watch it here . The stream will feature the game's lead developer Felipe Falanghe... More
  • Blog Post: Kerbal Space Program .22 Update Introduces Campaign Mode

    Kerbal Space Program might be lighthearted and goofy, but it has a great deal of complexity. The space program simulation includes an overwhelming number of parts that is only growing. Put simply, it's a bit intimidating for newcomers. The new campaign mode hopes to smooth the learning curve a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Next Update To Introduce Research & Development

    Last week at PAX, we had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Kerbal Space Program about the genesis of the fascinating simulation . During the conversation, we learned a little bit about what's coming in the next update. Today, the team at Squad has released a preview video. The .22 update... More
  • Blog Post: The Story Of A Developer, A Generous Employer, And Little Green Men

    Tucked away in a quiet nook at PAX last night (if you believe such a thing to exist), I had the pleasure of meeting with the minds behind the quirky Kerbal Space Program. When I settled in to speak with lead developer Felipe Falanghe and Chad Jenkins, another developer on the project, I didn't quite... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How To Build Rockets With The Kerbal Space Program

    The Kerbal Space Program is an indie sandbox game from Squad. The game drops players into a spaceport, gives them a box of high-tech Legos, and ask them to build a rocket to the stars. Failing is almost as fun as succeeding. Squad just announced that Kerbal Space Program will soon receive the first of... More
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