Kane & Lynch have gotten attention despite its horrible debut game. The first K&L was ok, having an ok storyline and good ideas but with terrible controls and online multiplayer.  The second K&L doesn't really change that, despite being in a new country. Even though the controls have been changed, the storyline is improved, and the overhaul of the multiplayer, it still is far from great. Lets start with the online play. the online play has a wonderfull idea, robbing banks and splitting it, and is fun, but caused me great fustration for it was hard to get in and out of matches.  The storyline for K&L is drastically changed, and i admit had me captured at some point, but the choppy camera style view had me confused at times. i could go on and point out all of the little things that fustrate me in K&L, but im just going to summarize all of this and get to the point: K&L is barely and upgrade from its predecessor. You can get the same experience of this game by simply playing the first one.