The first Kane and Lynch game was almost forgetable,ALMOST.KaL2 is almost the same as the first,bad campaign original multiplayer.The only KaL2 did better this time around is WAY better controls,controls that are actually playable.And more online mode.Fragile Alliance is back,but two new modes called Cop and Robbers,and Undercover Cop add a bit of spice to the game.I say again that i am VERY dissapointed at GI not just for giving it a 6,because it certainly higher then a 6,but for calling it worse then the first one.Thats just rediculous.I mean they have better contrlos with pretty good online,thats 2 things that the first one lacked,so how the f**k is it worse then the first one???I..I...i just dont know whats wrong with GI.