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  • Blog Post: An Open World Game Packed With Spontaneous Excitement

    The original Just Cause was a unique but flawed open world game. A variety of bugs, boring missions, and a complicated control scheme soured the fun of exploring the game’s gigantic tropical island. Avalanche’s second installment not only fixes these problems, but presents one of the most... More
  • Blog Post: Our First Hour-And-A-Half With Just Cause 2

    When issue 200 of Game Informer hits your mailbox, you’ll find our latest impressions of Eidos’s Just Cause 2, but we wanted to give you something special for our online coverage. Earlier this week, I got to spend a little over an hour-and-a-half playing the new game and causing chaos all... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2: Revolution Has Never Been This Absurd

    It’s been a good while since we first heard word of Just Cause 2, but this month finally gave us the opportunity to see the game in action. Packed with missions that fill a positively gargantuan game world, those aren’t the features you’ll notice first. Like us, as you parachute into... More
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