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  • Blog Post: A Just Cause?

    Grand Theft Auto defined the sandbox genre, but everyone else looking to hop on the band-wagon just tries to replicate that formula, usually producing nothing but mediocrity. I couldn't stand Crackdown. Saints Row never sparked even the slightest trace of interest. Driver, Scrapland, Godfather, Scarface... More
  • Blog Post: One of my Favourites

    Totally loved it, one of the best games i've ever owned. It had everything, the story, the graphics, the ability to go where no-one else can, it was fantastic More
  • Blog Post: just cause 2: over the top shoot em up awesomeness

    Jut cause 2 is an incredible game to play. its a massive open world 3rd person shooter spanning across an island in the pacific concisting of all different types of terrain and scenery. graphics: the graphics are very nice, especaily on the scenenery and vehicles. the ai could look and move more fluidly... More
  • Blog Post: An excellent game that is as fun as anything else on the market

    I have never been as conflicted about a game as much as I have been about Just Cause 2. You see, The game is, on one hand, a technical powerhouse with beautiful explosions and quite possibly the most expansive and diverse open world locations I've ever encountered. There is also the Grappeling Hook... More
  • Blog Post: Even with it's most flawed features I still thought it was a Roller coaster ride from start to finish!

    I received Just Cause2 as a christmas present from my Secret Santa, with not much wanting to play it, I placed it briskly in my backlog "not wanting to insult the person who gifted it to me" ... So several months later I finally decided to pick this game up and give it a go. Long story short... More
  • Blog Post: Improved Dramatically

    The first Just Cause was buggy, and the missions were bland. When I heard about the second I prayed for a different experience. This was the answer to my prayers. Just to get things straight, this is not a GTA clone. Calling it that would be like calling chime a tetris clone. The graphics are beutiful... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2 Review: Cause Your Own Fun

    Over the course of the videogame industry's existance, developers have become more and more skilled at directing players through their experiences, with better narrative and use of narrative, and better tools for showing players what they should be doing, and where they need to go. In the early days... More
  • Blog Post: AWSOME

  • Blog Post: Great Game, But I just ain't Feeling it.

    Concept: Improve the first one by making the most gorgous game around. Graphics: These are the best graphics i have ever seen the draw distance is amazing. Sound:In my opinion the low point of the game, Enemies sound bland and the cheesy voices on characters make it worse. Playability: Controls are okay... More
  • Blog Post: One word: Big

    I used to think KOTOR was big. Then I played Elder Scrolls. I used to think Elder Scrolls was big. Then I played Fallout 3. I used to think Fallout 3 was big. Wow, was I wrong. This game, as said, is 600 miles long! It has 349 locations, with no additional downloads! Ive only found 89! Fallout 3 is 2... More
  • Blog Post: A Latin GTA

    Theres ALOT blowing up in the game and it reminds me of a latin version of GTA...its themed that way. The grappling hook is kinda ehh I don't know sometimes you can go 1000ft! But other times its 15ft. The story is really unrealistic, seriously I mean you don't ride in a car like a normal person... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2

    Just Cause 2 is not my type of game by any means. I do not enjoy flying aircraft or frankly seeing a third person shooter at all. JC2 is different. First off the visuals are spectacular and when you blow something up it looks like a million-dollar Hollywood stunt gone right. Im not so crazy about the... More
  • Blog Post: Its Just fun.

    This is just a fun game. I just get on the game go to the airport hijack a plane fly to a military owned airport and hijack an armed helicopter and rain death over a huge island. What's not to like about that?! It's hilarious what you can do. Drawbacks: You can only attach one thing to another... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome, but sloppy at bad moments.

    Just Cause 2 was awesome for several hours... and then I tried to take off in an airdropped plane. There's no way to aim the drop, so if the plane is backwards from your imagined makeshift runway, you wasted $30,000 on a firey wreck. Takeoffs are so slow that with passenjer jets the supplied runways... More
  • Blog Post: .

    Got the demo, love it, can't wait to buy this game More
  • Blog Post: Good game. minus the story.

    I felt that the gameplay was really good, environments were gorgeous. my only complaint would defienetly be the feel of repetitive-ness that makes the game meaning feel like it is nothing but blow stuff up (even though most free world games were). The number of glitches/ bugs were pretty small for a... More
  • Blog Post: This Story Hurts...Owell Blow Stuff Up!

    The game may have a terrible story but it won't be enough to stop this explosive action packed game. The first just cause was a good introduction with alot of ideas not fully flashed and glitches to go along with it. 2 tries to fix all that and more. Check out my video review to get the full opinion... More
  • Blog Post: the copycat

    This game copycats every thing that you want in a grand theft auto game. The game succeeds on the most part but fails on some parts. The parts that the game does well in is the amount of fun it is to cause absurd destruction. The island of panau is beautifully detailed. The planes and helicopters are... More
  • Blog Post: Amzingly fun

    The game is verry enjoyable if you are a fan of open world games and just screwing around. The missions arent allways to creative and can be simmilar but are usually fun. They allways start out verry simmilar: some person you dont care about drivin by tellin u what to do and allso giving you a box of... More
  • Blog Post: Viva Just Cause 2!

    Just from that video the game looks great and gosh i cant wait to buy it! More
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