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  • Blog Post: Bye Bye Baby Pinay

    Just Cause 2 is not a serious game. It's not a game for high minded individuals who think games are art. This is a game built like the long gone days where PC games didn't actually have to have DRM, where writing was an afterthought, and ninjas were standard upgrades to the regular hired help... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2: Just Because You Can, Means You Should

    Just Cause 2 is definitely one of the more interesting titles to come out this generation of consoles. It has you playing as Rico Rodriguez, a suave Spaniard with terrible one liners. The game isn't really about the dialogue though(Thankfully) and is more about exploring the massive game world and... More
  • Blog Post: A Just Cause?

    Grand Theft Auto defined the sandbox genre, but everyone else looking to hop on the band-wagon just tries to replicate that formula, usually producing nothing but mediocrity. I couldn't stand Crackdown. Saints Row never sparked even the slightest trace of interest. Driver, Scrapland, Godfather, Scarface... More
  • Blog Post: One of my Favourites

    Totally loved it, one of the best games i've ever owned. It had everything, the story, the graphics, the ability to go where no-one else can, it was fantastic More
  • Blog Post: just cause 2: over the top shoot em up awesomeness

    Jut cause 2 is an incredible game to play. its a massive open world 3rd person shooter spanning across an island in the pacific concisting of all different types of terrain and scenery. graphics: the graphics are very nice, especaily on the scenenery and vehicles. the ai could look and move more fluidly... More
  • Blog Post: An excellent game that is as fun as anything else on the market

    I have never been as conflicted about a game as much as I have been about Just Cause 2. You see, The game is, on one hand, a technical powerhouse with beautiful explosions and quite possibly the most expansive and diverse open world locations I've ever encountered. There is also the Grappeling Hook... More
  • Blog Post: Even with it's most flawed features I still thought it was a Roller coaster ride from start to finish!

    I received Just Cause2 as a christmas present from my Secret Santa, with not much wanting to play it, I placed it briskly in my backlog "not wanting to insult the person who gifted it to me" ... So several months later I finally decided to pick this game up and give it a go. Long story short... More
  • Blog Post: Improved Dramatically

    The first Just Cause was buggy, and the missions were bland. When I heard about the second I prayed for a different experience. This was the answer to my prayers. Just to get things straight, this is not a GTA clone. Calling it that would be like calling chime a tetris clone. The graphics are beutiful... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2 Review: Cause Your Own Fun

    Over the course of the videogame industry's existance, developers have become more and more skilled at directing players through their experiences, with better narrative and use of narrative, and better tools for showing players what they should be doing, and where they need to go. In the early days... More
  • Blog Post: Look What My Hook Can Do

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say that just about anyone and everyone has seen/ observed a sandbox game, let alone played one. This goes doubly for the GTA series. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say ALL of us have played some form of a collect-a-thon. Welcome to the latest and... More
  • Blog Post: AWSOME

  • Blog Post: ark0014's Just Cause 2 Review

    ark0014 here, After playing the demo, this game is OUTSTANDING! There ia ao much land to run around on and cause chaos. This game has its differences and similaraties to grand theft auto (gta.) The sounds in the game are amazing. This game is just....what's the word.......AWESOME! Gameplay: -Graphics... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2: Your Average Sandbox + Jets, Ninjas, and Chaos

    This game has a lot of good things. First off, where else can you jack a jet using a grappling hook, fly 10 miles, then bomb an entire oil refinery? In Panau, where this game is set. Its story is your basic "I'm a spy, Imma gonna blow stuff up and take down evil dude" scheme. But then come... More
  • Blog Post: Extremely entertaining!

    When I first decided to rent Just Cause 2, I was not expecting what I got. I popped in my disc and that's when my epic adventure began. This game impressed me so much, I just couldn't help myself but to loom it over my friends until they began to silence me before I even began talking to them... More
  • Blog Post: Great Game, But I just ain't Feeling it.

    Concept: Improve the first one by making the most gorgous game around. Graphics: These are the best graphics i have ever seen the draw distance is amazing. Sound:In my opinion the low point of the game, Enemies sound bland and the cheesy voices on characters make it worse. Playability: Controls are okay... More
  • Blog Post: One word: Big

    I used to think KOTOR was big. Then I played Elder Scrolls. I used to think Elder Scrolls was big. Then I played Fallout 3. I used to think Fallout 3 was big. Wow, was I wrong. This game, as said, is 600 miles long! It has 349 locations, with no additional downloads! Ive only found 89! Fallout 3 is 2... More
  • Blog Post: Wanna Play Just Cause 2, Why, Just Because

    Just Cause 2 Induces Fun While I did not play the first Just Cause, I do not have a benchmark to measure the game from the first title, I do however know good games and Just Cause 2 is one worth NOT trading in. Just Cause 2 follows Rico Rodriguez as he works for "The Agency" to overthrow the... More
  • Blog Post: A Latin GTA

    Theres ALOT blowing up in the game and it reminds me of a latin version of GTA...its themed that way. The grappling hook is kinda ehh I don't know sometimes you can go 1000ft! But other times its 15ft. The story is really unrealistic, seriously I mean you don't ride in a car like a normal person... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2

    Just Cause 2 is not my type of game by any means. I do not enjoy flying aircraft or frankly seeing a third person shooter at all. JC2 is different. First off the visuals are spectacular and when you blow something up it looks like a million-dollar Hollywood stunt gone right. Im not so crazy about the... More
  • Blog Post: A Bulldozer with a Wrecking Ball Attached

    Just Cause 2 is honestly beyond words. I spent the first hour reeking havoc around small towns and villages with more ease than if i was doing it myself in reality. This is an absolute must have game if you just want to have fun. The story is not much different from the first, take over an island, they... More
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