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  • Blog Post: A Just Cause?

    Grand Theft Auto defined the sandbox genre, but everyone else looking to hop on the band-wagon just tries to replicate that formula, usually producing nothing but mediocrity. I couldn't stand Crackdown. Saints Row never sparked even the slightest trace of interest. Driver, Scrapland, Godfather, Scarface... More
  • Blog Post: An excellent game that is as fun as anything else on the market

    I have never been as conflicted about a game as much as I have been about Just Cause 2. You see, The game is, on one hand, a technical powerhouse with beautiful explosions and quite possibly the most expansive and diverse open world locations I've ever encountered. There is also the Grappeling Hook... More
  • Blog Post: Even with it's most flawed features I still thought it was a Roller coaster ride from start to finish!

    I received Just Cause2 as a christmas present from my Secret Santa, with not much wanting to play it, I placed it briskly in my backlog "not wanting to insult the person who gifted it to me" ... So several months later I finally decided to pick this game up and give it a go. Long story short... More
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