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  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2: Just Because You Can, Means You Should

    Just Cause 2 is definitely one of the more interesting titles to come out this generation of consoles. It has you playing as Rico Rodriguez, a suave Spaniard with terrible one liners. The game isn't really about the dialogue though(Thankfully) and is more about exploring the massive game world and... More
  • Blog Post: Even with it's most flawed features I still thought it was a Roller coaster ride from start to finish!

    I received Just Cause2 as a christmas present from my Secret Santa, with not much wanting to play it, I placed it briskly in my backlog "not wanting to insult the person who gifted it to me" ... So several months later I finally decided to pick this game up and give it a go. Long story short... More
  • Blog Post: Just Cause 2 Review: Cause Your Own Fun

    Over the course of the videogame industry's existance, developers have become more and more skilled at directing players through their experiences, with better narrative and use of narrative, and better tools for showing players what they should be doing, and where they need to go. In the early days... More
  • Blog Post: Fantastic Gameplay, Mortally Wounding Writing

    This game is fantastic, aside from the odd crash or occasional bug (which often ends in hilarity due to the nature of the game). My fondest memories of the game include smashing jumbo-jets into enemy encampents, or finding an APC with an autocannon. Fighter jets are some of the most amazing combat situations... More
  • Blog Post: Take Jason's Bourne's Kick-assery and mix it with a lil Bond for good measure

    This game is FUN. Did that convince you to buy it yet? No? Well okay. What if I told you about its gorgeous visuals, explosive sound effects, incredible set pieces, wealth of missions, numerous amount of vehicles, ability to make Spiderman's webslinging ability look slow and mundane? This game will... More
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