Jut cause 2 is an incredible game to play. its a massive open world 3rd person shooter spanning across an island in the pacific concisting of all different types of terrain and scenery.

graphics: the graphics are very nice, especaily on the scenenery and vehicles. the ai could look and move more fluidly, but overall this is a beautiful game. creating incredible panoramic shots, immersive vegitation, and a great looking day night cycle.

gameplay: the gameplay is by far the strongest aspect of the game. the parachute and grappling hook is unlike any other franchise to date, and vehicles of all types are incredibly fun. the uniqueness of how the gmaeplay works keeps the game fresh long after youve finished the story. the controlls are very easy to get the hang of too, and vehicles are easy to figure out, yet at the same time not overly simplistic. the black market mechanic of the game is also great, allowing you to buy a gun or vehicle from anywhere. you can also use this to extract to towns youve already discovered on the island.

story: the idea of this game is that youre trying to sabotage the islands resources (water towers, fuel tanks, gas pipelines, etc) in an attempt to overthrough the government on the island. the story itself is garbage, and is really just there to set up the gameplay and the backstory of what youre doing.

voice actimg: this aspect actually gets annoying at times, as its not very good, and the ai tend tto repete lines a lot.

replay value: theres not much value in replaying the story, however the open world will keep you hooked for a long time after the story is over.

conclusion: this game plays out like the most rediculous over the top action movie youve ever seen. the beautiful landscapes, over the top gameplay and intuitive control scheme will keep you hooked in, and despite minor problems with plot and voice acting, this is one of those rare games that could easily eat up 100+ hours of your time. this is definately a must buy for anyone interested in an all new style of game, and i would highly reccomend it to anyone.