I have never been as conflicted about a game as much as I have been about Just Cause 2. You see, The game is, on one hand, a technical powerhouse with beautiful explosions and quite possibly the most expansive and diverse open world locations I've ever encountered. There is also the Grappeling Hook and parachute combo (Which is, in my next blog post, nominated for the best weapon that should be in every game ever). On the other hand, The voice acting is only slightly better than Raven Squad, which ranks only slightly higher than the original resident evil. Second on my list of grievences is the mediocre gunplay. Sure, you point and shoot, but there isn't really anything original in the gunplay and nothing feels "tight" as some would say. The driving is pretty good and the missions are varied but the story is not. With the exception of several ninjas and some other things, the plot waqs pretty preadictable and wasn't too interesting. "So there are all these problems" you say, "Why the h*ll did you give it a 9?". The reason is simple. The game is FUN. No other game I can think of lets you attatch a tank to an airplane, climb to several thousand feet, jump out and surf the wing while the plane crashes into a strip-club blimp. The ease of whichyou get around also helps with this "fun" factor and I often found myself jumping off cliffs just to skydive into an awesome parachute landing instead of doing missions. I want to keep this review relatively brief so I will end with this, This is a really fun game plagued with mediocre gunplay and absolutely terrible voice acting. While I did give it a 9, rent it or buy used so you could return it if you don't like it.
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