I received Just Cause2 as a christmas present from my Secret Santa, with not much wanting to play it, I placed it briskly in my backlog "not wanting to insult the person who gifted it to me" ... So several months later I finally decided to pick this game up and give it a go. Long story short I'm addicted ..

Right off the basis this game is flawed in some of it's core concepts, but if you can overcome it's short falls than the rest of the game opens up like pandora's box, (and not in the bad day for all you non anarchists out there) 

I'll start with the cons of this game because there really isn't a whole lot of them.                                                         

Gunplay: Was much to be desired, Not only was it a bit stiff, the enemies act like they've being hit by BB's so they end up twitching after losing a good gallon of there blood (i'm being serious too) I actually had to unload a full clip of ammo into a person cranium before they would stop doing spitting horribly racist accented remarks at me ... which brings me too

Voice acting/Sound: The game has great music blended into the action and non action scenes, end of story. Sadly the voice acting is HORRIBLE. If it's not the stereotyped accents the enemies, and you speak through the entire game. If you can somehow not mute your Television because an Asian man (who you save from been executed by a gambling organization)  tells you constantly to "slow down holmes!" and They awe trying to kill me!" I mean this is the kind of voice acting I expect South park to have, but for a video game it just suleys your experiences with the Npc and non npc characters in the game.                                                

Story: Short and sweet, you won't care one bit about the fate of the island of panua.


Graphics: The gorgeous Visuals are eye candy to look at. Avalanche studious really did do a good job with the enviroment of the game. The island or Isles of Panau all differ in there land scapes. One island is a sierra like dessert that makes you thirsty just from looking at it, The swamps and marshlands are nice and varied through out the game , the forests are thick and the sound of tree's rustling and assorted animal sounds make it fun to explore, Large Mountain chains, and the beautifully designed ocean floor (best i've ever seen) Complete the experience. On that note Panau Is also one of the largest sandbox games I have ever seen. One of the biggest cities is about the size of Liberty City from Gta4. and it exists and a small island that's dwarfed by the size of the main island.

Controls: The controls are tight and responsive which is good because there is alot of need in this game for split second moves. Along with a Infinite amount of parachutes and a grappling hook movement around the world is fine tuned. you can move faster by grappling and then parachuting and repeating than any car you'll find in the game.

Entertainment/replay value: With a prototype like free roam after game completion you can easily squeeze alot more time out of Just Cause2. With colonels and bases to "take care of" along with supply caches to find you won't run out of options. There is also alot of "interesting" things you can do with the grappling hook which I won't spoil here.

Overall: Just cause2 is a great game with solid gameplay that totally covers up the faults of the game. I recommend to anyone who want's to beat the summer dry spout of games.