Just Cause 2 was awesome for several hours... and then I tried to take off in an airdropped plane. There's no way to aim the drop, so if the plane is backwards from your imagined makeshift runway, you wasted $30,000 on a firey wreck. Takeoffs are so slow that with passenjer jets the supplied runways of the game at the airport result in a "BOOM!". helicopters are slow to lift, because otherwise they'd be a non-obnoxios vehicle, and cars are like driving a bar of soap. Other than these, the game is tight and only a little randomly glitchy. Buy it, but only if you aren't looking forward to awesome driving, flying, and boating (boats especially=useless). This is my first user review, so tell me if it's long and boring, because it kinda is. I was bored. Peace, homie!