This game is FUN.

Did that convince you to buy it yet? No? Well okay. What if I told you about its

  • gorgeous visuals,
  • explosive sound effects,
  • incredible set pieces,
  • wealth of missions,
  • numerous amount of vehicles,
  • ability to make Spiderman's webslinging ability look slow and mundane?

This game will NOT disappoint, I assure you. As far as gameplay goes, it’s hard to think of something more exciting than grappling between helicopters, sky-dive off a jet and onto a rocket, or riding a limo through a jungle. No game is more over the top, no game is more action-packed. Not even Infinity Ward’s brilliant scripted set-pieces can come close to this game’s completely unscripted, explosive action.

Sound like the perfect game for an adrenaline junkie.  HOWEVER, there are occasional glitches and the voice acting might just cause you to go all van Gogh. I wonder how many of you will get that joke…

Anyway, unlike the first game (which I just could not sit through), this game has been a fun ride. I think I’ll start it up again the moment I’m done posting…

The funny thing is, this screen shot is mild compared to the other stuff you get to do on a regular basis.



P.S. For the really daring, try jump out of your helicopter and getting back in it again before it crashes. My cousin accidentally ejected and through the controller at me actually expecting me to catch it again...AND I DID. GOD IT WAS FREAKIN SWEET!!!!