As an avid survival horror fan I'm seldom caught off guard by scripted moments, but I actually did find myself jumping once or twice while playing.  That being said nothing else in this game works.  At the start your asked if your male or female and then regardless of your choice you start as a female.  There's very little story to start your dog runs into a factory and you chase after, but for some reason the cat kid and creepy moaning girl are there.  You have a flashlight and need to collect batteries to keep it on, but they drain very quickly and without them you die instantly.  Also for no apparent reason your flashlight will wander away from where you want it making exploration difficult.  You move by holding down the b button and move at a snails pace with no real indication of where to go or map screen to help you out.  So basically I couldn't take it any more after the second level and called it quits.  There is no story, crap controls, poor sound and realistically no reason to bother with this game. Oh and on a personal note the game seems to feel I have no soul so it doesn't like me either