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  • Blog Post: Journey: Beauty, Emotion, and the Joy of Adventure

    They say that the longest journeys begin with a single step, and the steps that you take with Thatgamecompany’s downloadable game of Journey is an experience like few others. Taking a simple adventure and imagining it with beauty, grace, and emotion, Journey does what rival games rarely do and... More
  • Blog Post: Breathe.

    I say breathe in all definitions of the word. Breathe. Take a breathe of fresh game. Absorb the relaxing new outlook on what a game can do to a person. Journey is weird. Its principles and overarching themes (I might add that these themes differ from person to person. It is alien to western society,... More
  • Blog Post: A Journey every gamer should embark on.

    Regarding what many consider to be his finest work, author John Steinbeck declared, "I think everything else I have written has been, in a sense, practice for this". This statement also holds true for thatgamecompany, makers of Cloud, a little-known PC game, and two downloadable PS3 games,... More
  • Blog Post: The Journey is the Destination

    I have never been much for downloadable games. Even after I got my new PS3 (one of the slim ones with a bigger hard drive) to replace my old, warn out unit, I wasn’t much for downloading games from the Playstation Network. The odd Final Fantasy port aside, most of the titles on the Network just... More
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