I say breathe in all definitions of the word. Breathe. Take a breathe of fresh game. Absorb the relaxing new outlook on what a game can do to a person. Journey is weird. Its principles and overarching themes (I might add that these themes differ from person to person. It is alien to western society, but emulates the ideals of the eastern world. Calming, meditative appreciation. I am sure you already have heard about journey. If your here you probably already know about its graphic, its simplistic gameplay, and its shockingly great critic acclaim. 

I would guess you read all the way down to here to know why I only gave it a 9.25. Only a 9.25? its not often when a 9.25 is a low score for a game. But anyways, why is it not a ten. It is only an hour and a half. This is actually a perfect amount of time for this game, because any longer and I believe i might loose focus. Thats a problem. Sure, you can replay it. I myself have replayed it 3 times. But replays run dry. Especially when all you do is walk. This is a game that is rare because the focus is not on the player, but whats around the player. it isn't about the characters level, or what gun you have, or if you have an iron pickax or not, this diminishes replay value. If you think about, 95% of all replays are going to be different from the original play through, different guns, different choices, different familiars, different game types, different play styles, different skill trees. In journey you have two ways to play. Alone or with someone else. Player interactions in journey are very unique compared to other games, however, each different player interaction begins to feel the same. Same looking guy, same nice attitude, same shockingly long scarf. It feels like each time your with another player your with almost the same person. And playing by yourself, although great the first 3 times, starts to get old after a while. 

So yeah. I dont wish Journey to be longer (maybe a little bit longer). I think its the perfect length for a game like that. And i do love the game, just the nature of it stops it from being able to be a 10. which is fine with me.