Journey...this is quite the beautiful game, but before i get ahead of myself, let me tell you what this game is. Basically your some type of being, and you have 1 goal: get to the light shinning out the top of this huge mountain. on this journey across this desert, you'll meet others much like yourself. In fact, they're actually other players, they just don't show their names.


This game is a gorgeous piece of video game work. the colors are incredibly smooth, and the enviornments are something to look at. there is no voice acting, but there's a very interesting soundtrack that intends to pull your emotions into the game. 

the game is unfortunately quite short. it's quite possible to play through it in one sitting, but this shockingly steals nothing from the experience.


The story is told through silent cutscenes. pretty much the story is unfolded in kind of like the ancient day wall stories used by the ancient egyptians and such. The story is actually quite interesting, and is told very well for no words being said.

I'd tell you more about it, but i don't want to ruin what's there, for it's not too much, but is something you should view on your own.


Journey's gameplay is quite interesting. As i said before, you play as these beings you see in the pictures. they can basically walk and almost "surf" down the sand dunes. It's quite cool. you may also notice the scarf-like things they wear. These things give you special abilities such as flying, but only for a limited time, as the action causes your glow on the scarf to drain. when it's out, you can only refill it by finding other Cloth creatures (if that's even what you would call them), or from another player.

Speaking of players, this is the interesting part. You'll find other players along your journey, yet there's no display of a name, or any option to chat with them. You'll can only cominicate by shouting out a musical note by holding down the O button. the longer you hold it, the bigger the note, and the longer it's range. 

Range? range for what? you can not only use this note ability to communicate with your partner (which works shockingly well actually), but also to recharge their scarf and vise versa. also, using the note ability will attract the cloth creatures towards you.

It's a really simple mechanic but there's so much you can do with it. you'll have to see for yourself. though this game may sound like an easy trip, be warned, there is an enemy, that i for one, could not figure out how to escape, but my partner did. what really sucks is that if it gets you, it takes a big chunk off your scarf. it's quite depressing. one point, i literally had no scarf at all, and it sucked.


Such a simplistic, yet beautiful game, it's the exact definition of short and sweet. i suggest you go and pick this one up from the online store, cause it's totally worth the $15, even if it'll only take you around 2 hours to play through it. check this game out.