First, let me say I absolutely loved this game. I literally just finished my first play through and I fully intend to start another one sometime soon. The atmosphere in this game is gorgeous, beautifully simplistic. I was grinning ear to ear in awe at  certain points. My only single complaint and the only reason I didn't give it the full 10 was because it's just too short. I completed my journey in about an hour and a half, although I could see stretching out the playtime to two hours with a little extra exploration. Still, I feel like my 15 dollars was well spent, purely on how much I enjoyed my journey the first time through, regardless of the length. Also, as a side note, it is really fun running into random people during your journey, having no idea who they are till the end of the game and I think it really enhances the game as a whole. Definitely try and find a partner in the world to accompany you during your journey if you can.