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Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Joe Danger: The Movie Announced

This stuntman can do a whole lot more than ride motorcycles in the game follow-up to the superb PSN title.

Joe Danger stands as one of the best exclusives that has released to the PlayStation Network. For fans of the frenetic pace and crazy racing/platforming of that game, it looks like Hello Games is about to up the ante. The teaser image for the new game shows Joe broadening his stunt skills across all sorts of situations, from jetpacks and skis to mine carts and tanks. If you look closely at the teaser poster image above (click on the picture for a larger version), you'll see the game features "Time Travel and Dinosaurs and Giant Robots."  Also: "There Are Lots Of Explosions."

"It’s kind of a sequel to Joe Danger, but it’s also something entirely new. I guess I would say that the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN, would be just one short scene in this new game."Hello Games' Sean Murray told Game Informer. "The awesome thing is that when you play the game, you’re making a film. It’s the most ridiculous action movie ever made, but you are creating it, scene by scene. If you nail every scene, then the film will be perfect, and if you’re terrible, then it’ll probably be hilarious."

Murray said platforms hadn't yet been determined for the new game, but strongly hinted that the team is exploring additional avenues beyond an exclusive relationship with PSN. We've assumed at least the strong likelihood of a PS3 release, but note that info is unconfirmed as of now. We'll have more on Joe Danger: The Movie as soon as we get more details from the development team. Hello Games will be showing off the game at GamesCom, so expect some new information around the time of that show.

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  • That sounds really nice, hope we'll get another hit for the PSN.

  • This game has always looked pretty interesting to me. Is this game still worth it even if I already have Trials HD?
  • *sigh*
  • Ok I'm getting the first one...

  • ....What? Out of all of the awesome video games they pick Joe Danger? *facepalm*

    EDIT: I'm stupid, it's a game? I think?
  • I need to get the first one...actually, if the first one is "just one short scene in this new game" then I'll just wait for this. The first one looked like trials HD to me (which I loved), but I never got around to playing it. Or maybe I played the demo and forgot?

  • The picture reminds me of Jackass movie posters.
  • when i read this i thought it was LITERALLY a movie lol

  • I hope this comes out on XBLA or Steam!

  • Mod

    Good news as the first was great fun.

  • I thought this was an actual movie at first. I was all, "Woah awesome, downloadable titles are being made into movies now?!"

  • Ah, not a movie. Sounds good.

  • the first one has been my favorite PSN game, i know this will not dissapoint

  • Very sweet, always love the broadening of already great horizons.