Joe Danger is a great game. I know that that was one of the worst hooks possible in this situation, but it's true. It appeals to casual and hardcore alike, providing stylish cartoon-y graphics and simple gameplay, as well as intense platforming segments infused with obscene amounts of collecting. Those are some of the reasons i love this game, and also why this game makes me want to punch puppies. It is one of the easiest games i've played in a while, yet also the hardest. How you may ask? It's really freaking frustrating. I go into a challenge thinking i can beat it on the first try; which is completely possible thanks to it's simplicity; and then discover a gauntlet of pain and misery that slowly sucks out my life force. And how still do i love this game? You know what? I don't even know. There's just something about it that makes me happy. And maybe that's what makes a truly great game. You can't pin point what you like about it, and dissect every detail, it's a reward in it's self to play Joe Danger.