Is MGMs/Activisions James Bond: Blood Stone worth the purchase ?

Let's review this game in order to find out if it's hot or not.

The graphics, in this game Activision has done a great job by motion capturing each acters face and their way to move in the game, the enviroment in blood stone looks thrilling as well and shows a lot of different locations, from Monaco to Istanbul.

Now the gameplay, there are two different types of gameplay, the combat gameplay and the chapters where you drive with several vehicles. The combat in blood stone is really sophisticated because of the weapons, they way you can crouch around corners, close combat attacks and the feature called bond focus, also used in bond games like From Russia with love, has found its way into the game supporting you in the combat and ensuring that you are not going to die in every critical situation.You can earn bond focus signs by eliminating enemies with close combat attacks and there are 3 bond focus signs you can earn at maximum. Another feature is the smartphone, with your cellphone you will get important information to get further into the story and you can also locate enemies with your phone, for example to sneak stealthy around your targets.

In this game there are also a few levels where you have to drive and chase some bad guys in you car. These parts are the trickiest because if your driving skills are not the best you will have to try several times before you can pass those chapters.


Onto the story.

Blood Stone, as far as those know who have played the game, does not begin where the last movie ended, it is a whole new story which Activision tried to set up. James Bond starts in Athens where he tries to stop a terrorist from killing politicians which are at the G20. After stopping him he notices that there is a bigger conspirancy and follows the hints all over europe and even in asia. Mr. Bond will recognize that he can trust nobody. For the bad luck of the player, the story is not very long in comparison to a RPG of course, this game is a sort of mixtype beetween movie and game because of the cinematic cutscenes but certainly you will take 4-5 hours to play the game and inbeetween there are also a lot of informations about the story which are untold and you can only get by checking certain places in the levels with your smartphone, you can watch those informations in the game menu.

MGMs try to produce an own cinematic videogame ,which Activision hardly tried to make  coequal with the movies, has furfilled its function-creating a very well game and telling the story of james bond without making a movie.