This game was amazing! While it does lack the gadgets from the typical Bond games, it still stands on par with the good ones. If you enjoy a great plot, fun shoot outs, killer hand to hand finishing moves, and fast pace driving, then you'll love this game.

Graphics: While not the best I've ever seen, it still gets the job done. The biggest issue I had was M's face; they could of done a better job on it. The enviorment and cars were really good.

Voice Acting: Grade A acting. There was never a moment where I said that it was terrible. I'll admit that there are some parts in the game that Craig could have delivered alittle better, but other wise he was awesome.

Game Play: I played on Agent mode (Hard). Many reviews have said that it's a quick run and gun. I have to disagree about the quick part. I found myself getting pinned down at numorus parts. There were even times were I got out flancked. I also have to disagree about how the guns are underpowered. I had no problems taking guys down with a single shot or two. The stealth kills were really fun and the moves felt like how they are in the newer Bond films. Driving was difficult at times, mostly because of the enviorment getting in the way, but it was still fast paced fun.

Multiplayer: There are only three modes, team deathmatch, objective, and last man standing. There are a few different things to unlock, such as guns and skins, along with a ranking up. I hope that there will be some DLC in the future. On my wish list for DLC is a new level or two for the solo campain, two or three more maps for the muliplayer, and a capture the flag mode. What would of made the online alittle better is if they would have kept the stealth kills, it would of been cool to snap another players neck, and they should of had gadgets to spice things up.

Overall I'm satisfied with this game and can't wait for DLC and the next game, I just hope they make the multiplayer alittle bit better. If you're a die hard fan of Bond then you should probably buy this one and if you like to watch the movies or play the game every now and then, then you should probably rent it first.