I would have to completely disagree here on some points with GI,s assessment of this game. I for one am thrilled with the overall game play in this game.  The graphics have seen a huge boost in quality over the previous 007 game, sure they aren’t OMGZ graphics but they certainly are not the worst and are well above par for the course.
As for the weapons if you are finding them underpowered I suppose you might be doing something wrong. I found them to be the complete opposite.  Just one or two bullets put into an enemy seem to be all it takes to put them down.  I am finding the guns to be so overpowered that I have considered stopping the game where I am and simply starting over again on the hardest difficulty level to see if that helps to tone down the power of the guns some.  I try to make every shot a head shot so this might have a lot to do with it as well.
As for the driving parts I am finding them to be quite entertaining and they provide a good amount of challenge in trying to keep up with my quickly fleeing assailants.  Bizarre Creations is no stranger to making racing games and it certainly shows in the driving sections of the game.
I was at first worried about the transition from an FPS game to a third person shooter but any fears I had of how this would impact the game play quickly went out the window after the first few minutes of the game.  The shooting controls feel solid and responsive and the cover system works really well, providing a nice advantage in some of the larger gun fights.
Overall I feel the game is a total blast and has blown my expectations (sure they were low to begin with) completely out of the water.  The locals are great and diverse and so is the action as you go from level to level.